Firewood & Mulch


We are a family run business that supplies high quality firewood.  We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and in the quality or our products.  Our logs are naturally seasoned for over 12 months before being processed and cut into sizes that are ideal for stoves and open fires alike.

lorry load  £290 + GST
• ½ lorry load: £170 + GST

Lorry loads of logs are delivered during the evening at a time that suits the customer.

Log fires at Christmas and other special occasions or indeed at any time at all. Even if you don’t burn logs regularly there is nothing to beat the smell and glow of a real log fire.

With the cost of Gas and Electricity soaring, heating your main living area with logs or wood fuel is one way of reducing your energy bill and at the same time contributing to the reduction in CO2 emissions (wood carbon is neutral).


The Benefits of Mulch:

  • Enhance the look of our garden
  • Help improve soil structure
  • Help improve availability of nutrients for plants
  • Helps rainfall infiltration
  • Weed suppression
  • Promotion of soil moisture
  • Promotion of soil fauna activity
  • Regulation of soil temperature
  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Can be laid any time of year
  • Maintenance free as no weeding needed afterwards