Environmental Management

By nature of our work in tree surgery, hedge trimming and landscape/garden maintenance, we can exert a positive impact on the Island’s countryside and we are committed to doing so wherever possible.

Key commitments of the company’s environmental policy are:

  • Ensure that the island’s unique rural environment and associated fauna and flora are protected, and wherever possible, enhanced.
  • Advise and undertake tree surgery and replanting whenever possible, rather than tree removal.


Before any tree or hedge work is accepted we:

  • Check to see if wildlife is present.
  • Try to avoid doing any tree or hedge work during mating seasons to protect birdlife.


When asked, we will advise on the planting of indigenous trees and habitat creation. John encourages customers with woodland to leave logs on-site and place them in piles (this creates habitats for insects, hedgehogs and other wildlife).

VH Pallot promotes recycling both internally and amongst customers. For example, residues will either be:

  • Recycled as logs/habitat creation.
  • Recycled as wood chip for landscaping.
  • Recycled as green compost and taken to La Collette.
  • Branches are shredded to make woodchip, which in turn is sold as wood mulch.


When asked, we will also advise customers on the composting of garden waste.

Through best practise operations, by servicing their equipment regularly, we help ensure that poisonous emissions are limited.

A lot of our profits are reinvested back into the firm to maintain a high standard of machinery and vehicles.  In the past three years, we have replaced three lorries, a four-wheel-drive front loader tractor, a wood chipper and two stump grinders. We also replace numerous chainsaws and hedge trimmers each year.

No waste is disposed of by burning bonfires.

Road closures are coordinated with the States authorities, advertised on the radio and/or door to door. This ensures that diversion routes are efficient (thus reducing unnecessary vehicle emissions).

VH Pallot meets or exceeds all the environmental legislation including:

  • Waste Management (Jersey) Law 2005
  • Water Pollution (Jersey) Law 2000
  • Conservation of Wildlife (Jersey) Law 2000
  • Pesticides (Jersey) Law 1991
  • Weeds (Jersey) Law 1961
  • Water (Jersey) Code
  • High Hedges (Jersey) Law 2008


All staff using pesticides are trained to NPTC standards by the Department of the Environment. Pesticides are used according to the Water (Jersey) Code.

VH Pallot makes sure their staff are aware of environmental issues and, in turn, they help support the company in improving its environmental performance.